Make: DIY Hand Stamped Envelopes + Friendship Bracelets

Make: Hand Stamped Coin Envelope

First we will make the envelopes for the friendship bracelets.  Your friends are going to ooh and ahh over these hand stamped beauties. The best part about these envelopes is that you can create custom stamps to match your friends personalities!

Materials List

  • Paper and Printer
  • Coin Envelope Template pdf
  • X-ACTO® knife or similar
  • Speedball® Speedy-Carve™ Block
  • Speedball® Linoleum Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scratch paper
  • Double sided adhesive or glue
  • Ink pad
  • Download the coin template here.
  • Cut out the coin template and fold as shown above.
  • Cut out a few pieces from your rubber block.  The X-ACTO® knife and ruler can be used to create straight edges.  Shown above are a few geometric shapes cut from a small 2"x2" square. Below are some examples of shapes and patterns that you can create.  Get as creative as possible!
  • Tip: Draw your design on paper with pencil.  Use dark lines.  You can then flip your drawing onto the rubber block and use the eraser to transfer the image onto the block.  Re-outline the image on the rubber block for finer detail.
  • To apply ink evenly to the stamp, use a flat surface to press down on the stamp onto the ink pad with even pressure.
  • Use the same technique to transfer the stamp to paper.
  • It's very useful to have some scratch paper handy so that you can test the shape of the stamp and play around with ink saturation.
  • Stamp your coin envelopes.  You can choose to stamp just the front or have your design wrap around.  Note which parts of the envelope are covered after folding.
  • Once you are done stamping your envelopes, apply adhesive to secure down the envelope flaps.

Make: Friendship Bracelets

Breezy Friendship Bracelet


Head over to The Purlbee to see their super simple Breezy Friendship Bracelet.  I ordered a few spools of their Chinese Knotting Cord in peach, teal, pale yellow, gray and white.  The peach and teal are by far my favorite colors.  The peach is perfect for summer and teal just goes with everything.  I tried both the one-sided and two-sided versions.  Even though I was looking for a slim bracelet, I think that the two-sided wrap bracelet is cuter.  The colors seem to just pop more.  I made mine with peach and pale yellow for a fun strawberry lemonade inspired bracelet.

Tips and Techniques

  • I find the perfect measurement to be about 1.5 cm shorter than the circumference of your wrist.  If this is a gift for your friend just eyeball it or play it safe and use the 7 in recommended size.
  • Do not overly tighten the tie cord.  I made this mistake on my first bracelet and it was so difficult to adjust the length once the bracelet was on.
  • Do not leave the cord in the flame for too long.  This will result in burning the cord and leaving a black residue.  This is not cute, especially on your lighter color cords!  All you need is for the cord to melt a bit.  Pay careful attention and pull out before your cord burns.
  • Save the straps from your base cord.  I used these as the tie cord for my other bracelets.

Braided Hex Nut Bracelet


Erica from HonestlyWTF posted a great tutorial on how to create this awesome Braided Hex Nut Bracelet.  I found all of the materials needed at my local hardware store.  If you have a small wrist, you may want to consider using fewer hex nuts.  I made two bracelets, one with 16 hex nuts and one with 12.  Using fewer hex nuts also made the bracelet lighter.  The weight of the hex nuts kept making my tie come loose.  To remedy this I added a loop and knot closure to my second bracelet.  This helped keep the bracelet on and not swing around.