Instagram Challenge: #serifwritingchallenge


My theme for February: chic, modern and luxe. For me, this means clean lines and classic fonts. And it doesn't get more classic than a good serif font.

Serif: "a slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces." A classic serif font would be Times New Roman. With beautiful handwritten fonts and modern calligraphy, we have really turned bullet journaling around and have been creating beautiful spreads. But I haven't seen many bullet journal headers utilizing a serif font. I know for me, these fonts are difficult to draw consistently. Luckily I've been able to cook up some really helpful stickers that I've been using in my bullet journal.


For this week's #jengs52pages I decided to try my hand at drawing out a serif font. I had a lot of fun in a previous page trying to write out DVF's logo.  Here are the two side by side:


Spacing and consistency is difficult with this font. And since I'd like to improve this font style I decided to start a new Instagram challenge for myself. I put together a daily prompt that I will be incorporating into my journal every day for the month of March. If you're interested in joining in, tag your photos with @inkbyjeng and use the hashtag #serifwritingchallenge so that you can share with the awesome bullet journal community on Instagram! You can use the image below to share that you'll be joining in on this challenge!


I've put together a practice worksheet here. Download, print and use it behind your page to trace for practicing!