Clear Calendar Stickers


Calendar Sticker Tips


  • Use clean and dry hands when handling stickers.
  • Repositionable Sticker Option: Take care when removing stickers from backing. Use the pad of your finger to remove sticker. Bent corners will not stick properly because stickers are repositionable and the adhesive is not as strong as permanent stickers. If this happens use a little glue stick to keep in place.
  • Month names are for reference.  You can cut these off or leave them depending on your style.
  • Cut off excess sticker paper.
  • Stickers are not kiss cut to allow you to customize sticker.  You can choose to leave or keep the month name. - Slightly frosted look because of the matte finish. This is *NOT* a weatherproof decal. Inks will run if in contact with water, highlighters and water based markers. Ballpoint and fine tip gel pens work best.
  • Some customers have had success highlighting the numbers on the calendars. Highlighters like mildliners work best.  Press lightly and use a single stroke.  Do not highlight back and forth. See image above.